Are you a maker?! Then you might like this new section of my website!

Behind the Business is a series I’ve been wanting to start on here for a while. I get a lot of questions about how I started my business, where/how I sell, what goes into my set-up and more. So this series will be the perfect opportunity to do just that!

And there is no better place to start than Handmade Titan University.

What’s Handmade Titan University (or HTU)? It’s an amazing set of courses on how to build your handmade business. Everything from building an email list, product photography, and SO much more. It really takes a lot of the questioning out of it, plus provides a great support system!

I joined HTU last year after following Renae Christine (the creator) for over a year. But I didn’t just jump in right away. The awesome thing is that Renae offers a bunch of free trainings too. That’s where I started with her and they made a big difference right away!

So when she opened up HTU for enrollment and announced a new payment plan, I jumped on the opportunity! I haven’t gotten to implement everything from her course yet, since as you know, last year got a bit overwhelming for me. But even what small amount I was able to do made a big difference!

Now it’s nearly a year later and she announced something new for her Besties….an affiliate program! Now I get to partner up with her and share the program I love with all of you. Even better, I get to share the FREE course that got me started with her in the first place! It revolutionized the way that I thought about, organized and released my pieces of jewelry as collections.

This free training helped me a lot and I hope it will help you too!

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